The stop is now , the slaves are all behind me
I took a step ahead ,i did it all myself
By the power invested i me
I got out of bed this week
Now i am good at what i do

And still a slave, so what if i die?
Would you even care?
Now they think they are fooling me
They just want me to sit here
So what if i die? so what if it was you?

And there's no one to take my place
I am taking the place for you
I could tell you they whouldn't listen
If i couldn't breath they whouldn't care
That just means that i want you to share
Share with me independent slaves...

Your walk is on , you can go in your own way
I know i've been a pusher
See the shadows dancing behind me
The day is getting old
I ask myself "you want me?"
I am still a slave , so what if i die?
I know you are faking most of the time
And says they want me
But i want you behind me
And the slaves still behind me...

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