Old plutonium
Iron skeleton
Murder gutter
Sodomised mother

Clinical research
Auto fatality
Accident mode
Abdominal injuries
Unpleasant mechanism
Rain-washed test area
Human flesh radiator

Concrete zombie fugitive
Inanimate mannequin
Pretty black bullets
Across abandoned landscape
Fingers bruise a new nerve
Cardiovascular grass verge
Neural discharge
Blood flecks across the polished paintwork
Geometry of bodies
Titanium terrace of agony
Mechanical arousal
With mouth-parts removed

Simultaneous international crucifixion
Nailed to each others fantasies
Brains blown out across the universe
Mass merchandise of your emotions

Sold to middle income housewifes
Repetition of execution sequence
Playback over and over again
Psychosexual awerness of an infant generation
Warmed up chloroform though-forms
Interested more in wounds
Than sores
Meat grinder sick smiles
Find some fear and stay there
For a while
Glue-spine umbilical hutch
Creating cold electric current
Nervous universes
Dervishes of the fiery furnace

Gun down an entire classroom
Photographs of genital mutilations
A glutton for putrefaction
In early stages of formation

The need to feel loved
While fucking it up
You can't kill the thrill

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