The scares we prayed for
and was given
to rape the mission
of the impaled desiples
and worship him again

We nailed the enemy
dream hopefully and fear the rest
for we look upon the toombs
and dance so they see... we woke it
sweapt in shiny sacreligious
for fading light and its Lord
wondering how the wishes spoke

Weak and wise has left
and touched the shade of my tempted ones
dance on the sheppards shadow
and the heretic eyes who saw the sun

Kept his secret, always

We believed in those of such poems
as grace has left its mark
an error on our dark illusions
we walk by them for a soul to open

Its power saw us grow
as they lay there
rotting in the hands of God

The storm has driven with fury, fall....
again and again for noble halls, screaming...
we heard and spoke to them
for no comforting words to give

We were the shields

When the ancient dwelled in us
and we killed their nextborn in the thronehall
Sons of God die with your once beauty
and feel the blood runs faster

Brighter then they seemed
and held their withered roses
a sign of a dying God

It saw it
bells of them

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