Angel Without A Prayer

Deana Carter

She's got wings that shine so bright
They keep her up most every night
burnin' her candle at both ends
Livin' a life with all her friends

Only heaven knows whats up her sleave
she flyes to fast and she dips too deep
She's an angel to high to come down
She's an angel on the wrong side of town
the lights go dime on her long golden hair
She's an angel,an angel without a prayer

she wairs a smile just like a crown
she never seems to touch the ground
the stars in her eyes keep her amused
she keeps getting further from the truth

everyday goes by just the same
the same old lies with a different name


Devils around every corner
waiting for her to fall

she's daddy's little girl
she's lookin' down at the rest of the world
it gets lonely way up there
she believes but she just dont care

only heaven knows whats up her sleave
she flyes too fast and she dips too deep......

she's an angel without a prayer x3

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