Lost all reality, U`ve really got a hold
Turned myself over 2 U body, mind, and soul
It might seem crazy and though I`m in over my head
Got no direction and my world is spinnin` `round
Feel like I`m risin` up and never comin` down
A million people talk but I don`t hear a word they say

Don`t know what 2 do / nothin` I can do
I`m losin` myself over U
( And it hurts me so right )
Can`t deny it`s true
U know I couldn`t fight it baby even if I wanted 2
I`m losin` myself.... over U
Love like the ocean feel it rushin` over me
U R the treasure that I`ve searched 4 desperately
The tide it races in, it`s pullin` me out 2 the sea
You`re my celebration boy, the reason I exist
I feel a hundred lifetimes deep within your kiss
Don`t say a word just hold me close
I hear your heart talkin` 2 me...


And when the darkness came
U washed away the pain
U can do anything when it comes 2 me
I won`t hold back
I want 2 know no shame
Take me away in the sky...

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