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Come Home

Debbie Gibson

Well that phone doesn't ring when you want it to
And it isn't your dream on the line
It's just dad telling mom to have dinner without him
'Cause he won't be coming home on time

Well there's always that dance to escape to
But that doesn't always work out
You don't have a date; you're not going alone
Isn't it nice to know you can still come home?

Well you don't have a million friends to speak of
But a best one is all that you need - oh
Growing up so strong but you're not made of stone
Isn't it nice to come home?

In the real world you're not always welcome
And all's not forgive and forget
It's a cruel world without understanding
And little one it's not over yet

Well you never can trust a stranger
So you may as well give up this fight - oh
Your best friend's are waiting in the living room
So go on and kiss them good night

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