This Time That Place

Deborah Harry

This time that place
This eye that face
All is streaming but it stutters then I'm stuck here
And where and when are we?

Your hand that look
My queen takes your look
A tear a smile
A gasp a sigh
Change of mind's not a lie
It's something I can't name
There's a flow and a bend
Like a fold without an end
Can I get there again?
Will it ever be the same?
Will I ever, did I ever know your name?

My thoughts in your head
Things are upside down again
Going back to go forward
Could tomorrow be a place I've been

That time this place
Can I ever really see your face?
Time's looping in reverse and stops
A shape of the air between us
Something happens soon

This time that place
That time this place
This time that place
That time this place

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