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"Blue screen water it's
not an ocean anymore
it's just a backdrop now
come on la brae bones walk west
bring your water
plant your scenery ramona
map out the dream ...make the desert grow

move out flat don't rise up
one neighborhood
kraft cheese and a cup of joe raw fish in a burrito game show
straight to video in the land of the setting sun

psychotherapy sci-fi religion tit pigs bikini barbell chakragridlock
don't think just talk jog don't ever walk weight loss talk
radio roll up your windows

private home securities take the streets while the LAPD becomeblue machines
cop copter spotlights down premiere klieg lights up none of yourbusiness
buildings gonna keep you out and keep us in there's a hopedowntown
and a mission that feeds en pocas palabras de espera un duelothis is no place
this takes place does your horizon burn I have lived here
my whole life I don't need more stories about your brokenmidwest
boulevard dreams stars also lie down that street you prettylittle town

you sad flower in the sand you pretty little town give me
some of you venus and a silver moon give me some of you. "

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Written by: Dave Navarro / Eric Avery / Michael Murphy. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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