It's time to rock
It's time to rap
It's time for the
Mashed potato attack

It's the latest
It's the greatest
Mashed potato

Well, i drive a mercedes
I like to impress the ladies
And knock out the home-boys too
This ain't the twist or the bugaloo
The mashed potato is in the groove
It's gonna make your body move
Make you snap, crackle and pop
I'm the master of hip hop

Mashed potato
Mashed potato
It's the latest
It's the greatest
Mashed potato

I'm as cool as they come
You other rappers better run
I'm as strong as sly stallone
I take the beat home
I'm the man on top
I can rock and hip-hop
Other rappers gettin' sour
I'm the man of the hour

Mashed potato
Mashed potato
It's the latest (come on)!
It's the greatest (come on)!
Put som gravy
On your mashed potatoes

No one can beat me
At my game
I'm badder than def
Dee dee king is my name
The mashed potato
On the radio
On boom boxes
Whereveer you go

Mashed potato ...

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Written by: Bateman / Daniel Rey / Dee Dee King / Dobbins / Garret / Gorman / Holland / Mann. Isn't this right? Let us know.