I am a surf nut
And the surf is up
I'm headin' for Sunset Beach
It's not far not hard to reach
Where coconuts grow in palm trees
I can smell the breeze
Wanna ride the waves
I'm all excited about the surfin' craze
I packed a picnic lunch
I hope I find a bunch
Of fun and clean sand
I wanna get a suntan
I wanna ride the surf
At ninety miles an hour
Hope you don't get
Get sour
If you're freezing in New York
That I've followed the stork
And headed to the coast
To do what I love most

Commotion in the ocean

There by the water
That's where I saw her
A beautiful mermaid
And she was afraid
She had never seen
A human before
And she started pointin' at the shorts I wore
The ones with the Hawaiian print
So bright she had to squint
What language are you speaking
You know I'm seeking
A way to learn to swim
So I can win
The Triple Crown Trophy
Can you help me
'Cause I've read all the surfin' magazines
And I traded a bathing suit for my old blue jeans

Commotion in the ocean
Commotion in the ocean

A crowd began to gather
People asked 'whatsa matter'
Should we get a lifeguard
Amateurs should be barred
Something's going on
Then everything went wrong
And in all the commotion
She jumped back in the ocean
There went my mermaid so I followed the parade
To the hot dog stand
I am better off on land
Better leave the surfin'
To the pros
Before a crab bites one of my toes
I've already got a sun burn
When will I ever learn
A lesson out of this
That I'm not a fish

Commotion in the ocean
Commotion in the ocean
Commotion in the ocean
Commotion in the ocean

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