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Jesus Is Coming

Degarmo And Key

Driving down the highway
Thinking about a friend
Thinking about the World
& the mess that we are in
Ran into a stranger
Offered him a ride
He said thanks alot friend
& then he jumped inside
I turned on the radio
Heard a preacher say
Jesus Christ is coming back
& it just might be today

& he said
Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming
Coming back soon

Turned on the headlights
Pushed on the gears
Said give me some warning
When your stop is near
I looked at the roadmap
Looked at the signs
Turned off the radio
Turned off my mind
Then I heard him say it
I couldn't believe my ears
& when I turned to look at him
The stranger disappeared

I've heard all the stories
Heard them all for years
Never thought I'd entertain
An angel unaware
I should of understood it
Scripture makes it clear
That any stranger that you meet
Could up and disappear

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