All day long, sweeping up the dead pigeons from the pavement
After the long dim dawn
He remembered how she pulled him from disaster into laughter.

Well it didn't take long for him to be consumed
and he turned around and said as her caressing resumed
"We once were close but now we're both marooned,
and what was once a stirring melody is now a distant tune."
She said "You angel, you flower, you're powerful."
but he felt no feelings but his head hot and belly full
and basking in the sun he only feels a gas fire
and he sees no apparent difference between the chimney and the church spire
He says: "This garden of roses, is overgrown with weeds,
and where the great west river flows I can see nothing but pebbles and reeds."

All day long she stuck his nose into Siberia
and dragged him through Hong Kong
till she said "You carrier, you coward, you're pitiful,
Feeling less and less is just an easy way of doing more wrong."

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Written by: Bryan Tolland / Del Amitri / Iain Harvie / Justin Currie / Paul Tyagi. Isn't this right? Let us know.