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Yesterday it was so great
But now you got so mad.
What's with you?
I thought we're best friends …
Why you don't recognize my
like I do you?

What's happened with you today?
Why you turn your back to me?
I can't understand you, okay,
but why you so
can't you see?

You have no reason
but what is it?
Don't you like me anymore
I'm not sure…

Ref.: What happened today???
Why don't you recognize me,
what happened to you?
Why you turn your back to me?
You have no reason's against me.

I feel like talking to a wall.
Have you heard someone talking me in trouble?
I've giving up to call.
you are like a double.

but you're you
but your character is where?
But what did you?
I found you there


You lay down.
You needed a doctor.
but you've done.
you left through the locked door.

What it is
what makes you so rage?
how it is?
when you took AGE?

You had drugs
the tablets are here
I think it sucks
when you stay here.

How dare you?
What was the reason.
Is it the school
in this bad season?


You don't give me an answer
you're waiting for death
I can't help you
you stopped to breath …

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