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  1. Under Your Spell
  2. Alma En Soledad
  3. Colorless Sky
  4. Life
  5. Dans Mes Reves
  6. A Ride In A Dream Crow
  7. Chapter IV: The Purest Dreamer
  8. Chapter IX: Frozen Heart... Lonely Soul...
  9. Chapter V: In Delight With The Mermaid
  10. Chapter VI: Forever Dreaming... (Shadow Dance)
  11. Chapter VII: Epilogue (A)
  12. Chapter XI: The Weep Of A Mournful Dusk
  13. Chapter XII An Autumnal Night Passion Movement II
  14. Chapter XII: ...An Autumnal Night Passion (Movement I)
  15. Chapter XIV: Dark Angel Bird (A Poet Of Tragedies)
  16. Chapter XV: Torn Apart
  17. Chapter XVI: (Love Is) Suicide...
  18. Chapter III: A Ride In A Dream Crow
  19. Chapter II: (Leaving) This Land Of The Eternal Desires
  20. Death Blessed By A God