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Say My Name (Remix)

Destiny's Child

(ohhhh) You betta say my name
(ohhhh) Cuz something feel strange
(ohhhh) I'm filing a complaint
(ohhhh) I'm just asking you to say my name
Verse 1:
See usually when i call you
You say "Hey Baby."
But now this time
You only mumbling to me
I know it ain't me
Cuz something seems funny
Tell me now, or forever hold your peaceeee

Is that a girl I hear next to you?
Dont make me come and crash your party
The game is on, so i know you ain't leaving
I'm on my way unless i here you sayyy....

Verse 2
Why does feel like you trying to rush me
An dont leave the room, Yo' I hear it gettin' quiet
I still remember when they tried to warn me
So Tell the truth
I wish you quit tryna play these gamesss
It's 'bout to be over
If I cant come over
Yo' you must think that ima fool or something
I hear you wit' your boys
and you actin' kinda shady
Prove it to me
and let me here you say my name

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Written by: Beyoncé / Kelly Rowland / LeToya Luckett / LaTavia Roberson / Rodney Jerkins / Fred Jerkins III / LaShawn Daniels / Static Major / Timbaland. Isn't this right? Let us know.