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Outro (Amazing Grace... Dedicated To Andretta Tillman)

Destiny's Child

Amazing Gra-ha-ha-ha-ace
How sweet (how ho-ow sweet sweet) the sound (the-e soundso-o-oundd)
That saved (sa-a-yaved) saved a wretch (ooooh) like me
I once was lost (lowowowost) lowowost (lowost)
But now I'mfound (whatchu say girl)
But now I'm found (i still caint feel you)
But now I'm found
Was blind but now I see

Ooooh, ooooh

'Twas Grace (twa-as grace)
That taught (tha-a-at taught)
My heart to fear
And that Grace my fears relieved (my fears relie-e-eved)
How precious (sious) did that Grace appear (appear yeah)
The hour (thank you lord thank you)I first believed

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