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Winter Paradise

Destiny's Child

This is how I feel about Christmas
It's the smeel of pine, it's the Christmas lights
It's the feelin of God, it's the good ol' egg nog
It's the blessed faces, it's the happy babies
It's the family in prayer, it's that new V.S. underwear
It's that anxiousness, it's that gratefulness
It's that broke shiz-nit after givin' all them gifts

Loving and laughing and sharing this Winter Paradise
Loving and laughing and sharing this Winter Paradise

What's this Christmas means to me
Spending my time with my family
Knowing it's a season for giving
Running downstairs for months looking
Send Christmas love to the one's you know
Kissin' your man under the mistletoe
Spread your love to everyone
And thanking God for the birth of his Son

Snowing and it's cold outside
Wrapping gifts by the fireside
My family's here, Christmas day is here
It's that very special time of the year
Blessed time, a joyous time, a giving time, a feelin time
It's a happy time, a laughin time
Sharing this Winter Paradise

It's your gifts you give, it's your relatives
It's your kid's in the back room
It's that good home-cooked food
It's the Christmas color, it's the stocking stuffer
It's the inpatient night, Winter Paradise

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Written by: Beyoncé / Falonte Moore / Rob Fusari. Isn't this right? Let us know.