Father, my time is coming
just a little more
just a little more
Father, you know, I caused so much pain
and the debt must be paid
I understand
I am just harvesting
the seeds I planted in this world
Still I know
it's not too late for me
Father I have already found your love
and nothing can change that in my life
Father people can't understand
your mercy lasts forever
when the lights are out
I'll be with you...
Father, you gave me a new name
then you broke my chains
Eternal life for those who believe
Now I can see your light shining in my life
Father, you gave me a new chance
then you broke my chains
that's your promise
I´ll be forever free
I can hear some people outside
"Kill the killer"
"Pain for your sins"
but I can also hear people screaming for mercy
Then evil whispers in my ears
"I had a devil wait for you"
but God reminds me
that seven angels will be by my side
when I close my eyes and leave
The phone didn't ring and I'm at the hall
even so I remember a song
I am happy (I´m happy)
cause I can sing (haleluia)
I am happy (I´m happy)
Cause I'm free (Now I´m free) (2º vez)
And I´m free cause one day, my sweet Lord died for me
And to wash away all my sins
to take away all my sins

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