Time is round and spinning - the Sun can come and go
The changing of the seasons
Brings rain - wind - snow
One thousand years are wasted
Another thousand come
This planet’s heart is broken
And it breathed on tarred lungs

Villages and cities - random
Black points on the map
We dared to go where earthquakes
Roar and widen the gap

The flower and the mower
- The forest and the axe
An evil mind conceals the loss
Of instinct and reflex
Make open wounded surface
Spit burning blood and pus
Fallout ashes - rainy black weather
Forecast for all of us

What is tearing worlds apart
Is the continental drift

Elliptical planet movements
Make all forces flee
Soil becoming ocean
By repulsive energy
Forsaken are the people
The fallen and those who fall
World - mouth - hell - hole -
Grave wide open
Man becoming mole

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