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Divebomb Djingle


It is a waterproof
i love youf
i'm on-the-roof-kind-of-way

we're in the grillroom
with the groundwork
you stain your skirt, skirt
i love your hairdo, i hate your way

yes, that's the price you pay...!!!

i'm just a shipboy
i pay my shiptoll
and every shipday
i take a shipstroll
out on the deck

it's complicated
i underrated
but now made it
might it be a bit ok?

no, that's the price you pay..!!

i'm feeling weary
he said to larry
i'm gonna o.d.
i hit the roadie
i'm in a popband!

he said 'remember james dean
was looking pristine
in comes the benzine
out goes the rebel without a grant
...but with a fanzine'

yes, that's the price you pay...!!!

just like a dive-bomb
you're gonna dive son
ain't nothing won hon'
until it's done done
look out for the quake

check out the ceiling
there's nothing healing
your life is peeling
i know the feeling
you just wann break

no, that's the price you pay!!!...!!!

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