Where do we go from here?
Stop and shed a tear
For what we held so dear
It's dog eat dog
All around the clock
Impossible to stop
A planet that's completely insane
I close my eyes and synchronize
With the tempting world outside
Gotta stay in line
Learn to redefine
In order not to fall behind

There's no right and there's no wrong
In this world you're on your own
You will always be alone
And if you wanna stay alive
In this war you gotta fight
From your birth until the day you die

Smile, the show must go on
Play the same old song
Everybody sing along
'Cause it's do or die
Under a black sky
Don't dare to defy
Or you'll end up eating dirt
I close my eyes and synchronize
With the mindless world outside
Always on alert
Weigh my every word
And yet all got was hurt

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