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Here To Go


If you smell the smoke
You don't need to be told
What you got to do
Yet there's a certain breed
So very in between
They'd rather take a vote
Running short on time
Still they can't decide
But we already know
That we are here to go
We are here to go
We are here to go
We are here to go
We are here to go
What is really mine
Who's at the top of the pile
Where does he draw the line
Let them figure it out
Go on and step across
Just remind yourself
That we are here to go
When it grows too long
The tail wags the dog
The hand that bites gets fed
Troubled multiply
The crowd begins to cry
For some common sense
Let them all dig in
When the odds are no win
Head for the nearest door
'cause we are here to go

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Written by: Gerald V. Casale / Mark Mothersbaugh. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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