A Plan For You


Weave to the left bob to the right
Or you'll be a flat tire on the freeway of life
Go get active, change your luck
Lay with yatta yatta's and treat 'em rough
Come your turkey, drop your load
Please don't let the tin man get your goat
Stay horizontal don't look back
If you do you'll give your mom and dad
A heart attack
Check your oil change your mind
Keep it up like a pup
Your battery will go before u know what's up
Look for a socket wear flesh-colored pants
Big babies go the distance in wrap-around fat
Dig your diddle clean your nose
When trouble gets behind you keep your
Back door closed
Okay so you're skinny its a hard-edged game
Jellymen are weak links on the daisy chain
Sleep on you belly, reach for the sky

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