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I'm a Potato


Supermarket flashbacks
Show arms and legs in plastic sacks
Fat men twelve bananas high
Die while all the women cry
Love-love gets sucked away
On big fat lips while people pray
Boy plus girl make mess out of sex
No babies come
What happens next
De-evolution self-execution no-solution
I'm a potato and I'm so hip
Teenage hoodlums stand in line
Donate blood to pay for crime
Butchers steal doctor's tools
Sow pretty heads on dogs and mules
Hi-fi systems men in pairs
Tape bodies falling down the stairs
Father-son teams split the cost of nighttime girls but all is lost
To de-evolution self-execution
I'm a spudman I got eyes all around
Martian feet turn dirt and stone
For buried treasure human bone
Madison men tattoo ads on
Ten year olds with sucker pads
Rockets rust attack decay things
Fall apart while spacemen play
Now daddy zero drops his brown
To de-evolution self-execution
I'm a spudgun I'd like to shoot'em all!!

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