The Fallen Angel


I just want to live my life for you
Feel your presence was the first thing for me
See my soul, crying this tears for the best friend I had
That I had, I miss you

Waking up this morning and I'm feeling sad and lost
Looking down this bed that will remain so empty

I'll be there all day long I'll take care of you

Save our love, don't look back don't believe what they say
Take my heart away, so far away, it's no
T too late
It's not too late for me

In the clothes, I can see a little shapes of you
Who's to blame, for this shame I'm dressing on
We walk this road without fear
I will deny all these lies

Take my hands and take my life, ride the stars through this night
Can I help you this time
Take my dreams away, so far away, it's not too late
It's not too late for me

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