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On The Farm


It's summertime and the weather is hot
I'm on the farm, right on the spot
All the chicken are looking at me
The farm is where I want to be

together, Hey , on the farm (4x)

It's summertime and now i'm really hot
'cause the chicken are fucking on the parking lot
they're fucking on the fencen and on the roof of the barn
on the haystack and under the car

Together, hey, on the farm (4x)

It's great to see a rooster and a chicken having fun
It's just a natural habit and they are not, the only one
Chicken will defeat, all the pornstars in the whole wide world
'Cause they are rock&Roll and that's what i've heard

Together, hey , on the farm (4x)

And if you are thinking "where is the clue" (hey hey)
than pay some attention, cause i'm telling you (hey hey)
The rooster will scream like a fire alarm
If you grab this hen from the oldschoolfarm


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