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All... everything is dying from time to time
The coldness of war and the sweetness of love
Through evolution came our species
That still wander the path of the electric sun

The pain in my veins

All... they discovered the theme for the play called life
The theme is
Love and joy
So hollow
They dance upon the roses.
They dance until the time is near
The surface they dance on collapses
What a shame... I won't be there

Meek embodiments of suicide
Enjoying while I abide
You may bathe in your "purity"
But there will be the day when I take it all away from you

As you don't belong - Here or there
And be prepared for all I bear

Your soil will be thrown away but my sky shall remain
Dearly injected, infected, packed pain
"Noil me tangere" for all

You don't belong - Here or there
And be prepared for... "I don't care"

Now you are warned
What came for me I give it to you...
the pain of the world

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