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Meet In The Middle

Diamond Rio

It was 700 fence posts
from your place to ours
Neither one of us was old enough to drive a car
sometimes it was rainin and sometimes it would shine
we wore out that gravel road between your house and mine

I start walkin your way you start walkin mine
we meet in the middle neath that old Georgia pine
We gain a lot of ground cuz we both give a little
aint no road to long when we meet in the middle

It's been 7 years tomorrow since we said our vows
under that old pine tree you oughta see it now
standin in the backyard remindin me and you
that if we don't see eye to eye
there's something we can do


Babe I love the way we work it out
That's what love is all about

Repeat Chorus 3 times

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Written by: Chapin Hartford / Don Pfrimmer / Jim Foster. Isn't this right? Let us know.