You don't want to talk about it / Cuz you know that there's nothing to say / Your policies are fucked so we're going away / We say that its wrong , wrong, wrong / You say that its alright / You won't have to look at us after tonight / Take your nightclub and shove it up your ass / I don't want your discount pass / Uptight / Closed mind / So naive / Hooligan / Fooled again / No self esteem / We don't want to play here / Cuz the owner is a real big jerk / That's not a smile on my face asshole its a smirk / We don't want your hostile attitude / Cuz to you we've got nothing to prove / So we dedicate the second verse to you / So to your cafe and your employees too / We dedicate a big fuck you / This final one's for you old boy / You're still a loser in the end / Why don't you go hang out with your friends? / And might find that there's much to be learned / You've been playing with fire now / Its time to get burned / So take your attitude and your mentality / And get the fuck away from me

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