Well I think that it must be something like my destiny / And with these eyes its so easy to see / That girl from E.T. / She's the only one for me / Listen to me sing your name / D-R-E-W, I want to fuck you / Hope you don't think my song is lame / I want to fuck you, D-R-E-W / Please be my one and only true Drew / That guy from that band Hole / What's he got that I ain't got? / A million bucks and Courtney Love and whole lotta pot / But without you Drew / He ain't got a whole lot / Won't you run away with me? / We could have a punk rock family / Have ten kids, give'em tattoos / Tell me Drew what have you got to lose? / I promise you that I'm not a loser / Someday I may play at Lollapalooza / Then I could buy you fancy things like a red Rolls Royce or a diamond ring / How can you resist my noise? / I'm the singer for Diesel Boy

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