I once snorted cocaine
Off of Gwen Stefani's ass
I used to ride around in limousines
And flash my backstage pass
I hung out at the Viper Room
With Manson and Dave Grohl
I took X with Billy Corgan
Partied down with Courtney's Hole
Did yoga with Madonna, smoked blunts with ODB
I rescued some Tibetans with the Boys Beastie
Is this thing on?
Hey hey check check
I once opened up for Beck
And everyone from sea to shining sea
Knew my face when I got on MTV
I used to pose for paparazzo
With Alanis on my arm
I seduced this gorgeous model chick
With my fame and not my charm
I headlined last years Lilith Fair
Just me and my brassiere
Sang songs for sweaty college girls
Spin's artist of the year
I even wrote a song with that guy from the Fugees
Got doper rhymes than Master P
I went cruising with Dr. Dre
He tried to kiss me- thought I was gay
And everyone from Detroit to Yellowstone
Knew my face from the cover of Rolling Stone
I never thought it would end like this
People act like I don't exist
I went from A-list to blacklist
Just another casualty
Another answer on Jeopardy!

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