Photo of the artist Diesel Boy

The Continuing Misadventures Of Generation X Superhero, Slackerman

Diesel Boy

from the bowery to brighton you've all heard my call i've got two pierced nipples and a ring through my balls my name is slackerman, superhero for the masses i'm trying to rid society from the rich upper classes i've got sideburns like elvis and a shaggy goatee i was born in 73 most superhero's fly high, but me, i'd rather skate both parents are lawyers, divorced when i was eight my wallets got a chain and superpowers to boot i'll lasso you like a cowboy then i'll die your hair blue i'm studying psych at the local jc cuz i don't really know what to be my partner in slackdom is a chick named danielle i met her at the drive thru of a taco bell she drives her mom's green volvo, bag of tricks on her back she wears her hair short, wears her doc martens black with her maybelline lips and her catholic school skirt she'll leave the bankers with nothing but dirt its a thankless job being a hero and all but i've gotta do it or genx will fall yuppies and boomers get outta my way cuz i'm taking over and i start today i am twenty-something hero of the world and i am here for your mocha

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