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Who Didn't Kill Bambi?

Dillinger 4

You know your eyes say it's dead inside of you
Just an empty shell and faded tattoos
And everything's just a memory
And everyday's just the passing of time
You used to be a timebomb

Did you notice when the lights started to go out
Welcome it with a smile and your arms out
And now it's all so much easier
Bury yourself in Banality and comfort
Never waking for a moment

We are alive
And just like the sun will kill the night
We bring the change to something new
Cause we know change threatens you
And there's nothing left of you to save
And each step forward that you take
Is just one closer to the grave

You let the years go by, an endless parade
As meaningless as the promises you've made
And you'll wonder where it all went
When the last of your effort is spent
And you're still left hollow

Will you watch all your life from the outside
Will you march to the end placid and paralyzed
Or will you take it in one shot without a chaser
And let go

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