The old ones speak of winter
The young ones praise the sun
And time just slips away

Running into nowhere
Turning like a wheel
And a year becomes a day

Whenever we dream
That's when we fly
So here is a dream
For just you and I

We'll fin the sacred heart
Somewhere bleeding in the night
Look for the light
And find the sacred heart

Here we see the wizard
Staring through the glass
And he's pointing right at you

You can see tomorrow
The answer and the lie
And the things you've got to do

Oh, sometimes you never fall
And ah - you're the lucky one
But oh - sometimes you want it all
You've got to reach for the sun

And find the sacred heart
Somewhere bleeding in the night
Oh look to the light
You fight to kill the dragon
And bargain with the beast
And sail into a sight

You run along the rainbow
And never leave the ground
And still you don't know why

Whenever you dream
You're holding the key
It opens the door
To let you be free

And find the sacred heart
Somewhere bleeding in the night
Run for the light
And you'll find the sacred heart

A shout comes from the wizard
The sky begins to crack
And he's looking right at you - quick
Run along the rainbow
Before it turns to black - attack

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Written by: Ronnie James Dio / Jimmy Bain / Vinny Appice / Vivian Campbell. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Ismene. Subtitled by Rilderson. Revised by 2 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.