In the Still Of the Night


This version did not chart but
In 1937 Tommy Dorsey hit # 3 and
In 1938 Leo Resiman took it to # 9
Also charted by Dion and the Belmonts at # 38 in 1960
Introduced in the film "Rosalie" by Nelson Eddy. Film also starred Eleanor Powell
Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, and Illona Massey

In the still of the night as I gaze from my window
At the moon in its flight, my thoughts all stray to you

In the still of the night while the world is in slumber
Oh, the times without number, darling, when I say to you:

"Do you love me as I love you?
Are you my life-to-be, my dream come true?"
Or will this dream of mine fade out of sight
Like the moon growing dim on the rim of the hill
In the chill still of the night?

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