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Can I Walk By

Dirty Dancing

Hell yea!

Can i walk by, without you grabbing me?
Shorty tell me what you want with me
Tell me what you really want from me, hey
Wanna holla at me, you can meet me in the V.I.P,
Cause i know thats where you wanna be, right here next to me,
So i guess you wanna ball with me.

Hahaha,....can i take you to the bronx
I don't call no more you know, the one she wish she never ever saw before,
Run around acting like you ain't that flaw no more,
Must've thought we hit the club and wont ball no more,
Listen i wont be callin ya'll, ya'll be calling me,
Cause i'm a space-age pimpin, like 8 ballinG, jazz freeze lezze,
Off n hit the hezze, girlfriend wanna cut me playa,
Please believe me, she wanna puff your dank, wanna kill your drink,
She wanna play with premium fuel in the tank,
She got a diamond fetish, like carrots in the lettuce,
She wanna run through the team, just like the wrong battest, i tried dividing weed,
She caught me by the sleeve,
And taught me a pimp a few things you would not believe,
She wanna sit from the celist and play the poptnum pettest,
She taught me like a sellist to R.Kelly's baddest.

(Monica) Hey, so what you wanna do?
Its all up to you,
We can play in back, you can spin me too,
Cause you so fly, so fly,
Daddy don't you want me?
Jazze don't you want me?
You make me want to,
Have me up all night,
So just come through,
What you wanna do,
Superfly, spend the night,
Jazze don't you want me?
Jazze don't you want me....

You got something soft,
Don't get excited, she been invited to a quiet stall,
But now its outta hand
Cause your boyfriend hates me like Janet Jackson what has it been lately?
And then she says she want me to hit with no protection,
Sorry baby make the ding-a-ling outta question,
Got your body on fire feeling for a session,
Don't shake it on platinum fubo collection, licking your lips like i'm a delicatessen',
Your thongs are silky, you need a pair of fresh ones,
Visionalize video cause you could be the next one,
And daydreaming around feeling like you are the next one...


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