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Burn Slow (feat. Tech N9ne)

Dirty Heads

First time we met I was tripping balls
Jeffery shit when I touch these walls
Crawl in a cave when the day-time calls
Hibernate, animals
Next night out when I'm feeling great
Met this chick in an altered state
Heels as big empire state
She's a model, fuck that's great
Gave me a touch
Said whats up
I said fucking, nothing much
Ask me what I'm wearing
I said shhh, designer drugs
Lucy and the diamonds
Turn out, the lights are blinding
I'll spit this last line
And you can call me Scott Weiland
Burn slow

I can see ya through the flames of your lighter
I can see you with the lights down low
I can feel it when I'm standing beside ya
Got the feeling that you want to burn slow
I can see that your always on the move
And I can see that your always on go
I can feel that your minds always running
Got the feeling that you wanna burn
Wanna burn slow

Hold it in, ghost toke
When our lips touch we both smoke
If the feeling is right we both know
If the hit's too big we both choke
Man I love this feeling
Got my head above the ceiling
Burn it slow cause we just chilling
Got no where to go but here
And I just love the way that you vibe
I'm on your level and I
I care not what they say and Ima do whatever feels right
So I lose it, no control
Light me up and just watch me go
Don't confuse it, I get stupid
I get stoned, yeah I go ruthless
Burn it slow

I take my time cause I know that you wanna burn slow

Sit at home and I'm killing the pages
I do it cause I love it, got incredible wages
I wanna kick it like a horny devil in Vegas
I call up a couple ladies with the medical hazes
Both are super sick and ready to roll
Got the grinder out and shredded the doh
Now it's time to get kinetic, we headed
For vertical travel yo like never before
Me and the woman we pumping in the garage
What am I thinkin', I think I wanna Ménage
Loving the feeling, I gotta inner massage
I gotta sit it, I'm thinking I'm having dinner with God
Super silver haze, taking me up
Super killer babes, shaking thee butts
All the beauty steady making me puff
And I said to both of em Jamacian me lust
That's what I yearn for
So thick so beautiful when we cypher
I'm not thinking about no germs so
My turn yo
What about some loving I'm concentered though
We learned doh
Really make you make my worm grow
Then after we burn slow

Hold it in, ghost toke, ghost toke, ghost toke
I can see ya through the flames of your lighter
Hold it in, ghost toke, ghost toke, ghost toke

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