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O Cão e a Raposa - Best Of Friends


When your the best of friends,
having so much fun together,
your not even aware your such a funny pair,
your the best of friends.

Lifes a happy game,
You could clown around for ever,
Neither one of you see's your natrual bonderies,
Lifes one happy game.

If only the world wouldnt get in you way,
If only people would just let you play,
They'd say you're both being fools,
You're breaking all the rules,
They cant understand,
The magic of your wonderland.

When your the best of friends,
Sharing all that you discover,
When these moments have passed,
Will that friendship last?
Who can't say theres a way?
Oh i hope,
I hope it never ends,
cause your the best of friends.

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