Photo of the artist Disney

Disney - No Way Out


Everywhere I turn, I hurt someone
But theres nothing I can say to change
The things I've done
Of all the things I hid from you
I cannot hide the shame
And I pray someone, something will come
Tot ake away teh pain

Theres no way of this dark place
No hope, no future
I know I cant be free
But I cant see another way
I cant face another day

Tell me where, did I go wrong
Everyone I loved, they're all gone
I'd do everything so differently
But I cant turn back the time
Theres no shelter from the storm
Inside of me

I cant believe the words I hear
Its like an answer to a prayer
When I look around I see
This place, this time, this friend of mine

I kmow its hard but you
Found somehow
To look into your heart and
To forgive me now
You've given me the strength to see
Just where my journey ends
You've given me the strength
To carry on

I see the path from this dark place
I see my future
You forgiveness has set me free
Oh and I can see another way
I can face another day!

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