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Hércules - I Can't Believe My Heart (Inédita)


I've always thought that men were slime
And every guy I've met has proved me right!
Until tonight

Just when I thought
I had it figured
That life's a game you cannot win....
He comes in and changes all the rules

What I've been taught.
I learned the hard way!
That life and love are never just
And if you trust you're just one of the fools

And now I can't believe my heart
It's saying don't resist him.
That I've been on my guard too long!

I can't believe my heart
Surrendered when I kissed him.
And told me all I thought I knew,
As sad but true, is wrong.

If life is worth
The disappointment
I hadn't seen one reason yet
Until I met the boy who smiles for free

Upon this Earth
There's no one like him
He sees the girl I long to be
Making even me believe in me

And now I can't believe my heart
Has overcome my senses
To help me see that he's the prize
I can't believe my heart
Says tear down all your fences
That everything you want and more
Is right before your eyes

I can't believe my heart...
Could be so... Wise

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