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There's Your Trouble

The Chicks (Dixie Chicks)

It should've been different but it wasn't different was it
Same old story a dear john and so long
It should have fit like a glove
It should've fit like a ring, like a diamond ring
A token of true love
Should've all worked out but it didn't
She should be here now but she isn't

There's your trouble, There's your trouble
Keep seein' double with the wrong one
Now you can see I love you
You can't see she doesn't
But you just keep holding on
There's your trouble

So now your thinkin' bout all your missin'
How deep your sinkin'
Round and round and draggin' down
Why don't you cash in your chips
Why don't you call it a loss
Not such a big loss
Chalk it up better luck
Could Have Been True Love
But It Wasn't
It Should All Add Up
But It Doesn't
Repeat Chorus
Should Have All Worked Out
But It Didn't
She Should Be Here Now
But She Isn't
Repeat Chorus

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