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Aint No Stopping Us

Dj Luck And Mc.Neat

"Koochy-koochy with a koochy-coo,
hello there pretty darling how are you, YEAH!
You look nice and you look pretty,
definately can't knock your body, HUH!
T'isn't what it used to be,
rudeboy the DJ wit da melody, KUMAN!
T'isn't what it used to be,
rudeboy DJ no diggedy."

"A will jump on the mike sensational,
sending the message international,
there is something for the ladies so get down,
and the guys around town so ruck round.
I like the mix and the blend,
got to set the trend as we drink and spend,
right through the weekend,
run go tell our friend how we comprehend,
we tear down the place and then,
make the noise if you want that come again,
cos you can't get down unless your like them,
how to the ladies and gentlemen,
just keep dancing til I say when,
true we're not gon' say when you might as well,

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