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I see you standing on the corner of the dance
floor, and the way you look is
oh so fine.
But there a problem cause that isn't wot (what) you came
for, you ain't gonna get
away 2nite(tonight)?
So I'm gonna be the one to step to you get you in
the mood to dance all
Don't let suspicions, inhibitions get the better
of you cause you know the
mood is right.

Chorus (2x:)
Shake you body up down stop I think he's gonna
run, let the rhyme take
control as the beat is taking over your soul

I see clocking tryna block it but you cant find
rhymes got you hot to feel
the vibe, moving your body to the rhythm of the
baseline so just let it go
relax your mind.
You ain't got to be afraid who's watching you if
you came to leave this just
behind you just got to handle bizness (business) on the
floor comon let your body
bounce wiv (with) mine.

Chorus (2x)
shake your body up down stomp I think he's gonna
run, let the rhythm take
control as the beat is takin over your soul

Twist it stomp it bounce it shake it, cause you
know the vibe is wot (what) you
make it.

Chorus (5x)

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