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Take it for what it's worth, my birth was a blessin
sent to live and die on earth as a lesson
we each have a star, all we have to do is find it
once you do, everyone who sees it will be blinded
they tell you that your bright, and say you have a future
once you turn your back, the same cats'll try to shoot ya
niggaz ain't shit, i can live on both sides of the fence
forget what you do when you talk, see what you really meant
thats what i thought, them niggaz was bluffin
they talk all day but say, nothin
it gets so dark,haze so intense
since it first rained, its like its rained ever since
i never got paid for a rhyme, but i flow
i never got a plate on time, but i grow
live your life, stay on the line, but i go
went from doin crime to bein kind cuz i know

im gonna live forever, im never gonna die
the only thing i fear is im never gonna fly
carry my weight, but im never gonna cry
shit i'll tell ya'll niggaz straight, cuz im never gonna lie

what is it about who i am that makes me unforgettable?
what is it about what i've done that makes it so incredible?
"more money, more problems"-well the fame was worse
i reached out for love, and what came back was thrist
blessed with the curse, niggaz don't hear me
niggaz don't hear me, ya'll niggaz don't hear me
wat'd I just say? "Nigga g'head" - you see that?
You gots to FEEL ME to catch what I'm sayin, BELIEVE THAT
but leave that, alone
you gon' make a nigga wanna be at your home
Oh you kinda quiet with the heat at, your dome
If the dog got he's gonna bring back a bone
cause we got the chrome
This is what I live for, or die for
I'm the nigga with the high score, you try for
What you niggaz wanna lie for? It changes nothin
I'm true for cats, yet some strangers bluffin


now if i take what he gave me, and use it right
in other words, if i listen, and use the light
then what i say will remain here after im gone
still here on the strength of a song, i live on
No second-guessin on what I stood for, I was good for
stoppin niggaz from killin each other in the hood war
Comin through showin love, throwin up
Them cats not throwin love, you know whassup
Dark Man baby, that's my name
and I gots to be the realest nigga up in this game
Cause ain't no shame, they don't make em like, this no more
Real to the core, big heart but built for war
I stand for what I believe in
Even if what I believe in stops me from breathin
Relatives grievin, but I ain't goin nowhere
Listen to the song I'm right there


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