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Big Wheel

Dog Eat Dog

Yeah it's a big world out there
and most of it is water.
So you better learn how to swim real good
or you should know how to fly this is motion
taking too long, like a bad song, fly to hong kong,
high as the sky without the bong.
Never the less the level of stress was endless,
I felt pressed in the cabin cass business.
I remember what it took to get us here,
the mad years we performed just for the beer.
Now we hover undercover in the atmosphere.
Intergalatic players, true pioneers.

Big wheel, spinnin around,
breaking thru cities and rippin thru town.
Get down time to flip that frown,
keep your body moving from your feet to the crown.

This is the J to the O H to the N C and then I'm on.
I spy like James Bond. N to the OR. I'll put you in the ER,
fumming like a cigar, screaming like a marshall.
Electric guitar starp me in there, a true circle, the perfect square.
Hot like flares, danger, beware you must prepare.
Only strategic affairs turn boys to millionairs.
We got to keep moving/forever staying in motion.
Papa never gave me tools to the trade, yo, I'm tryinta make the grade.
Suckas think I got it made. I won't trade or give aid.
You'll be played like arcades, follow the big wheel wherever it takes,
you nothing, but the truth. You must pursue in the endeavor.
Just remember to yourself be true explore the world.
It's a treasure if you only knew

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