Photo of the artist Dolly Parton

When You Tell Me That You Love Me

Dolly Parton

I Wanna Feel This Way
Longer Than Time
I Wanna Know Your Dreams
And Make Them Mine
I Wanna Change the World
Only For You
All the Impossible
I Wanna Do

I Wanna Hold You Close Under the Rain
I Wanna Kiss Your Smile
And Feel Your Pain
I Know What's Beautiful
Looking At You
Here in a World of Lies
You Are the True


And Baby
Everytime You Touch Me
I Become a Hero
I'll Make You Safe no Matter Where You Are
And Bring You
Anything You Ask For
Nothing Is Above Me
I'm Shining Like a Candle in the Dark
When You Tell Me That You Love Me

I Wanna Make You See
Just What I Was
Show You the Loneliness
And What It Does
You Walked Into My Life
To Stop My Tears
Everything's Easy Now
I Have You Here

Repeat Chorus

In a World Without You
I Would Always Hunger
All I Need Is Your Love to Make Me Stronger

Repeat Chorus

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