I remember as a child
I was absolutely wild
About some red shoes that my Aunt Lucille wore
She would let me stomp
In those high heels up and down
'Round the house a
And 'round the wrap around porch
And from that moment on

I have had a pair of my own
But I'd make me feel at home when brand new
They'd build my confidence
As if they'd been heaven sent
I'd feel alone, I'm puttin' on my red shoes
I begged Mama pretty-please
From the Wishbook order me

A pair of red shoes for my feet, so Mama did
Through the years I've thought about
Aunt Luci's love and think of how
Such little things in life can make or break a kid
I believe that every child
Needs to feel a sense of pride and
Someone to love and guide, and see them through
So many miles I've traveled

Many times they've come unraveled
On the road both smooth or gravel
But I have made it through-o-o-o
Haven? The Georgia
Or walking through New Orleans
Walked the streets of Memphis?
Drove around a block or two

And if God sees fit to hold me
Anyone thats ever known me
Know I'd walk the golden streets only in a pair of red shoes
And if I ever get to heaven
If I ever get to heaven

If I ever get to heaven
And Lord I hope I do
I will walk the streets of glory
I will walk the streets of glory
I will tell my Luci a story
And walk with her there in red shoes

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