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Ballet Of The Vampire, Untouched


Build me up
And tear me down
You love to have a try
Do whatever the hell you want
You're not gonna make me cry.
My life is gone
There's nothing left
You sent my friends to die
You've done things unimaginable
And I haven't even sighed.
My soul, it is unbreakable
You won't get inside
My will is strong and my temper
Is the longest you will find.
Self control
Is the key
But this you cannot find
And you won't tell anyone
But you think you want to cry.

You want to make me mad
So I can be one of you,
But to live forever with no soul
I just don't want to do
It's not a blessing, you stupid fools
It's a curse from the depths of hell
What is life
Without grief or love or joy?
I'll keep these even if it means
I'll be the lonely boy
The lonely boy.

You say that you're invincible
But daylight burns instead
I can live with pain and fear
It's better than being dead.

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