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I went downtown to meet Lester
Firemen were there
His place had gone to ashes
It all was burnt

Then i went to look for Billy
The stupid bitch was gone
she'd taken all her stuff
Yeah!, she was gone

If i plan my revenge
My revenge, yeah! yeah! yeah!
Be proud of me
Don't be ashamed
For today, it's ok
It's ok!, yeah! yeah! yeah!
Can't sing no more
Don't be ashamed

Don't you trust nobody
That's what they allways say
They just suck up to you
And then throw you away

Did you use the filter
The one you stole from me
No, you can't have my needle
You make me weak

It's just bad luck again
Have to wake up
Every morning again

You gotta give'em
What they deserve
They stole the needle and the filter
and everything
You gotta give'em
What they deserve
Off with their heads!

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