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Just the wrong side of town
You just don't let go
Keep it going and going
Seen the reason, the bitter, the pill, you're told
So tell me, why are we living this life we're fitted to?

Oh, I'm gonna take you down
Back to the old fairgrounds
Oh, yeah
Oh, where many feels spin 'round

Oh, hey, now, is this a sign?
I'm falling down deep
With the carousels in your eyes

And the wheel turns 'round
Just when you think you're safe and sound
Oh, change of the season
I've found a reason to stay
But I've fallen so deep in
A circle of trust remains

And I'm gonna take you down, ay
Back to the old fairground
Ooh, oh, where many feels go 'round, ay

Mmm, hey, now, this is the time
I'm falling in deep
With the carousels in your eyes
Carousels in your eyes, ah
Oh, ah

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Written by: Andy Williams / Jez Williams / Jimi Goodwin / Martin Rebelski. Isn't this right? Let us know.